Love in an Elevator

Last weekend, N and I got up to no good. This comes as no surprise, I am sure. It is *where* we did deliciously hot things that was quite the change.

I dropped off the kids early Saturday afternoon and drove into town afterwards to shop around a bit before supper with N after He got off of work. It started innocently enough; I called to check in and let Him know where I was. I asked Him if He was busy, who He was working with, and let Him know I was at Home of Economy looking for sweaters and jeans for the kids.I’m curious about His work, just ’cause, I spose. I like to know if He’s having a good day, who He was hanging with, that kind of stuff. I just like to hear about His day, because I like to feel like a part of it.

He was alone. His coworker left early, and His boss left as well. And my brain stopped working, leaving my clit in charge. I found myself asking Him if I could come meet Him early…and He knew exactly what I meant.

When I drove up, there were no cars in the lot, so I texted Him that I had arrived. He met me at the side door and escorted me inside. The minute I stepped onto the man-lift (that’s fancy industry talk for “tiny coffin-sized elevator that feels like it will plunge to your death at any moment”) I pressed myself into His body, fleeing my fear of the lift by sinking deep into us. My mouth sought His, my hands locked behind His neck, and my soft, willing body molded against His lean frame. Hands and mouths roamed hungrily, and the man-lift reached the second floor much quicker than I was ready for.

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It Worked

That’s me lying in a puddle of mixed goo after He fucked me stupid against the wall.

It was delicious, painful, sweet, and mean. It started off with passionate kissing, hands roaming. Nipples were pinched, hair was tugged, lips were bit.

He climbed on top and worked His way into me. I hadn’t realized how much I missed this part of us until He laid on top of me and pinned me with His weight. The fucking was steady, sweet, and lit my cunt ablaze with want.

He tried something new and terrible this time around. Instead of smothering me like normal, with His hand clamped around my mouth and nose, He pinched my nose shut and commanded me to keep my mouth shut. That’s horrible shit, man. I know I’m going to open my mouth…no matter how much mind over matter I practice, the rising carbonic acid levels will take over my breathing response at some point.

The first time I sucked in breath He slapped me across the face and frowned. “You opened your mouth.” He growled at me. I apologized immediately and before I could suck in another breath He clamped my nose shut. This time I held on longer. I fought the urge to close my eyes and wait it out, because I know He wants to look into my eyes as the panic rises and I’m losing the war in my brain. Torn between giving Him what He wants, obeying Him, and doing what my brain screams that I do to live.

After amusing Himself with my breathing system for a bit, He chased me out of the bed and pressed me up against the paneled wall. Not much time was given before He speared me on that torture device He happily calls His dick. I squealed and desperately tried to grow a few more inches to relieve the pressure on my innards, but alas, I’m all out of HGH apparently. I clawed at the wall and windowsill as He lunged into me, over and over again, pinning my head against the wall with His forearm. My cheek smashed painfully into the wood plank as He fucked me, growling and grunting. His other hand slid up my side and firmly gripped my windpipe, choking off my whimpers and whines as I was flattened under His insistent abuse.

His climax came, and as it hit Him His hand tightened around my neck, firmly cutting off the air, even as His forearm slammed my cheek back into the wall. He slumped into me, pinning me tightly to the uncomfortable paneling as He caught His breath. I took a ragged gasp and gingerly eased my aching calves down, wincing at the sharp pain as my cervix rebuked me. He handed me a towel, wiped Himself off with the other, and left the room to piss and clean up after granting me orgasm permission.

It was indeed a little death. Literally flipped my eyelids inside out.

So, yes. The picture did work. 😀

What Some Slaves Do When the Lights Are Off

N was lucky enough to catch a few extra hours at work for the next week. Upshot: more almighty dollahs in the blessed paycheck. Downside: He’s going to bed at 9 pm each night.


He pawed me after He got off of work yesterday, caressing and groping my ass, invading my personal space *snort!*, pinning me against the wall for a kiss, inviting me to find His pocketknife in one of His pockets. I cocked an eyebrow and asked if He was a bit randy…given His poor state of health at the moment I figured a testicular explosion was low on His list of priorities. He shrugged and assented, with a “Well duh!” look on His face.

I said it was a shame, but He had to go to bed early and get plenty of sleep. Oh darn. *insert cocky fake-sincere-regret smile here*

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Love that Thang He does! (04-26-2010)

So i promised a while back to write about the abuse-n-use session The Man and i had a few weekends ago. Right after i was pretty sure i was going to die a horrible death from inattention. *ahem* So, anyways…

All the stuff written after this is steamy S&M sex stuff. i will not be held responsible for sticky keyboards.

He’d warned me earlier that day that there would be face-fucking that night. Way to kill the mood, except that face fucking, for as much as i dislike it, has some secret element that makes my cunt gush. Even as i’m sniffling, coughing and gagging and swallowing back my bile, my pussy drips cuntjuice and i have to fight the urge to crawl up Him like a tree and plant my fat ass on His cock. Good thing He holds me down, no? So, we get to the “good” stuff, and His goal lately has been to teach me to take face-fucking for longer times before totally coming unglued from lack of air and unruly stomach. i’m on my back, my head hanging over the edge of a few pillows, and He’s sliding His cock in, holding it, sliding back out to let me breathe. First it was in, hold, out/breathe, in hold out/breathe. Then He stepped it up to in, two pumps, out/breathe as the routine for a few minutes. Then it was three pumps. At the end of the three pumps i was panting and gagging, and He was grinning. So we did four pumps, and that’s when i lost it. He got through maybe to cycles before i lost the ability to control the gag reflex and started to fight for air and the ability to swallow. He held it there, lingering, and i really started to panic, clawing at His thighs and stomach, bucking my head and kicking the couch. Finally after eternity a few seconds later He left up and I shot up, swallowing hard and heaving, snot running out of my nose, tears sliding down the sides of my faces and pooling in my ears. I shivered and hugged myself on the couch, crumpled into a little recovering ball of girlflesh. He put His hand on my back and said huskily, “good girl”. That was the best kind of praise and aftercare i ever needed. As a reward for being so damned good (lol!) at the face-fucking, He told me to hop on, and oh lord. I climb onto His lap and sink my hot and achey pussy onto Him, and as soon as i settled to the root He reached forward and grabbed my tits. He kneaded them, mauled them, loved them, and i ground myself against His crotch and whimpered, moaned begged and pleaded; it was bliss. A short time after that He pushed me off and told me to go get the walnut round and the paduak round paddles. I dragged my feet at this command.

Let me tell you something about walnut and paduak wood. It’s very dense, gorgeous, and hurts like a fucker. Especially when swung by a person intent on really hurting you.

So he says to climb on His cock, but facing away and i do so, folding myself to lay my head on His bony ankles. (Have i mentioned that He’s nothing but stick sand bones, no matter how much farm food i feed Him?!) i hug His legs tight, knowing that He’s about to kill me. WHACK! My left ass cheek erupted into flames and i bit my lip to smother a scream. He growls at me to ride Him like the slut i am, and i frantically bounce up and down trying to distract Him from the tempting target my jiggly ass was making. WHACK! Right ass cheek is now screaming as loud as the left. i could feel the welt rising. i whimpered into His skin as the shots began in earnest, across the top of my ass, the sides, the hips, the undersides. A few cracks made me shoot up and He’d smack my back to make me lay down. If I stopped fucking Him it was an especially hard hit and a cussing. i sniffled back salty tears and bit my lips and tongue to not cry out. Nearing the end, one hit from the walnut paddle made me jerk off of His dick. Two hits got me back on it. Then the last hit, and zing! i shot off of His dick, immediately turned around and burried my face in His chest, whimpering and sniffling. He roughly shoved my face into His crotch, where i nursed on His dick for awhile before He dragged me up to the edge of the couch and rubbed the welts on my ass roughly as He slammed into my hungry cunt, make me jump and crawl into the edge of the couch, trying to get away from the brutal assault on my cervix. With a few savage thrusts and a long, low growl, He filled my box with His seed and collapsed onto my back, crushing me into the couch cushion, where i tried to catch my breath and recuperate from the night’s adventures.

Every time i think of that night, i smile. i still have the fading edges of a bruise, it was quite the neat thing, a bruise 4 inches across, pale white circle in the middle, blue and black and red in a circle around the pale spot.

Now if you don’t mind me, i have some “reminiscing” of my own to do!