What Some Slaves Do When the Lights Are Off

N was lucky enough to catch a few extra hours at work for the next week. Upshot: more almighty dollahs in the blessed paycheck. Downside: He’s going to bed at 9 pm each night.


He pawed me after He got off of work yesterday, caressing and groping my ass, invading my personal space *snort!*, pinning me against the wall for a kiss, inviting me to find His pocketknife in one of His pockets. I cocked an eyebrow and asked if He was a bit randy…given His poor state of health at the moment I figured a testicular explosion was low on His list of priorities. He shrugged and assented, with a “Well duh!” look on His face.

I said it was a shame, but He had to go to bed early and get plenty of sleep. Oh darn. *insert cocky fake-sincere-regret smile here*

He tells me to wake Him up with some kind of sexual advance when I come to bed. Heh. Ow. Don’t… Stop. You twisted my arm, Master. 😀

So I waited an hour and a half to give Him time to get into the deep sleep that makes Him nearly catatonic. And during that time I got myself all riled up in my head. Hot, bothered, ready to devour anything tossed my way. Like, I dunno, a sleeping victim Owner downstairs.

I stripped naked and turned the phone off before slipping silently into the bedroom. Our bedroom is pitch black, and we like it that way…unless you are trying to move around silently, of course. Eventually I had everything out of my way and I pulled the covers back slowly, sliding along side Him and hungrily licking at His soft dick. He moaned sleepily and reached down, brushing my hair before running His hand across my back and down the curve of hip and ass. I arched under His petting and gorged myself on His semi-flaccid cock, which was quickly waking up to full attention. His hand scratched and petted, soothed and teased, and when it ventured across my pussy lips I groaned and pressed into His hand, wanton and selfish in my desire. He snaked two fingers into my hot wet hole as His thumb rolled across my clit, and I responded with long deep strokes until my nose rested in His pubes. Eventually I crawled forward, turned around and planted my empty aching puss on His dick, groaning and sighing with contentment as I did so. He sighed along with me.

I leant forward and ground my cunt on his shaft, flexing at the hips to give Him long strong movements. I leaned forward and sought out His mouth, trying to steal His air and breathe Him into me. My hands roamed, scratched, tugged and clawed…I bit His lips, His tongue, the soft skin of His neck, the strong muscles of His chest. My hand slid forward from His hair and rested heavily on His throat, feeling the air moving smoothly beneath my palm, the pulse of His life fluttering beneath the pads of my thumb and fingers. He shuddered and a growl rumbled up out of the darkness…”What do you think you’re doing?”

“Giving You a taste of what it is like…to have your life held in the hand of another…”

“Eh. You weren’t squeezing at all.”

*How is it that when I try to act all badass He still makes me look and sound like a wimp?!*

Back to the fervent kisses, scratching and moaning and hisses of pain and pleasure. I pulled at His hair, nipped His skin, raked my claws across His chest and back. He sunk His fingers into my ass cheeks, mauling my back, tugging at my hair. The air hung heavy with moans, squeals, smothered cries of pain, sighs of need and desire. He worked His hand down into our junction and wiggled three fingers into my sopping box as I enthusiastically bounced up and down on His hardness. Oh how I gasped and panted as He made beckoning gestures with His fingers, triggering the stretch receptors of my cunt walls and making them twinge in pain/pleasure.

I begged Him to roll on top of me while I laid belly-down. He finally allowed me off and I threw pillows everywhere in my hurry to assume the position. He pinned me at the waist with His weight and thrust forward, me eagerly spreading my nether-lips in anticipation. He grunted with satisfaction as He sunk in to the hilt. I moaned and began to frig myself, hurrying to catch back up to Him. I bucked under His insistent thrusting, firing Him up with some of the most nastiest talk that ever crossed a slut’s lips. I reached my first orgasm, but it wasn’t an actual orgasm…more like I plateaued, not actually finishing the orgasm, stalling part way through.

He sped up, drilling into me; His teeth sunk into the flesh of my back; His fingers dug into my hips until you couldn’t see the nails. I heard His breath grow ragged and heavy and knew He was near the brink…and then He was there, moaning and panting as He released His cum deep inside my snatch. His final thrusts electrified me and I frantically pawed at my clit, seeking the full release I needed. Suddenly, I was there, and I begged for release. He was amused and agreed, and I screamed into the mattress as the peak surged through my muscles with a nearly painful shock.

I slumped under His weight, panting and trying to uncurl my toes. He propped Himself up, taking the pressure off of me. Kissed my neck, and then backed off, wiping my slutmess off  His dick. I smacked my head on the headboard in an effort to not  pussydrool cum all over the sheets. He laughed at me hurting myself and wandered off to the bathroom to finish cleaning up.

If this is the kind of sex I can elicit from Him when He goes to bed early, I might be okay with Him going to bed early after all. 🙂

3 thoughts on “What Some Slaves Do When the Lights Are Off

  1. dear lord, woman. I shouldn’t be reading things like this when I know I won’t be getting any sex for most of the day. Damn you!

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