Love in an Elevator

Last weekend, N and I got up to no good. This comes as no surprise, I am sure. It is *where* we did deliciously hot things that was quite the change.

I dropped off the kids early Saturday afternoon and drove into town afterwards to shop around a bit before supper with N after He got off of work. It started innocently enough; I called to check in and let Him know where I was. I asked Him if He was busy, who He was working with, and let Him know I was at Home of Economy looking for sweaters and jeans for the kids.I’m curious about His work, just ’cause, I spose. I like to know if He’s having a good day, who He was hanging with, that kind of stuff. I just like to hear about His day, because I like to feel like a part of it.

He was alone. His coworker left early, and His boss left as well. And my brain stopped working, leaving my clit in charge. I found myself asking Him if I could come meet Him early…and He knew exactly what I meant.

When I drove up, there were no cars in the lot, so I texted Him that I had arrived. He met me at the side door and escorted me inside. The minute I stepped onto the man-lift (that’s fancy industry talk for “tiny coffin-sized elevator that feels like it will plunge to your death at any moment”) I pressed myself into His body, fleeing my fear of the lift by sinking deep into us. My mouth sought His, my hands locked behind His neck, and my soft, willing body molded against His lean frame. Hands and mouths roamed hungrily, and the man-lift reached the second floor much quicker than I was ready for.

As we stepped off the wobbly, frightening elevator, He handed me a pair of noise-cancelling earmuffs. The second floor is the loudest, and even N, the Man who scoffs at most protective gear, will don a pair willingly. I was thankful my eardrums didn’t burst and it was very odd to not be able to hear Him. I could watch, touch, taste, but I couldn’t hear nor smell.

He checked all of His gauges and buzzers, then headed outside to kick some gear and turn some levers. I had little idea what it was He was doing, so I just dutifully followed Him around, trying to remember what He told me about this floor. We went back inside, and He turned to me, wrapping His strong arms around me while pulling me against Him again. We began kissing again, nibbling on lips, ticking the top of His mouth, tugging on my tongue. I rubbed my hips against His hardness, wanting Him but enjoying the build up. He pressed me down by my shoulders, guiding me to my knees as He unbuckled His belt and pulled out His cock. I hungrily wrapped my lips around Him, tasting the salt of His sweat, feeling the pulse of His life through the thin skin of His dick and my mouth. I couldn’t hear His breath or His moans, and I couldn’t smell His maleness, so I focused on the senses that worked and did my best to make it memorable for Him. I gently wrapped my lips around His balls, gently rolling them around with my tongue and pulling lightly. He nestled His hand in my hair and fed me His cock, over and over again, making my eyes water and nose run. I swallowed Him greedily, straining to take as much as I could. Eventually He pulled me away from His rod, and I quickly dropped my slacks, eagerly bending over the chair and spreading my legs in anticipation. He pressed against me insistently, sinking into my wet cunt. I moaned into noise and arched my back, wanton in my arousal. We moved apart and together in a steady, demanding rhythm, drawing together even as our bodies swayed away. His fingers pressed deep into my hips as He pulled me closer, seeking the spot deep inside me that makes me cry with sharp pain and sheer pleasure. At least He reached that moment where the heavens trade with the earth, pulling out and pulling my mouth to His cock again. I swallowed His load, shot after shot, panting through my nose as I trembled on the floor. He shuddered as the afterwaves rolled through Him, then nodded to me to let go. I smiled gratefully, recovering from the intensity of the moment. He smiled back, approval shining from His eyes and smile. I dropped eye contact and the moment passed.

After we cleaned up, He shut down the plant and we left. Just writing about this makes me gnash my teeth at the masturbation restriction…I think I might have to beg for a replay instead.

I love Take Your Slave to Work day. 😀


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