The dirt on tora

tora is not my real name. Sorry if you started thinking I was some hot young Asian girl in a Sailor Moon costume with a dragon tattoo. (See, there I go again getting all my pop references mixed up.)


No, I’m an approaching-middle-age woman, married and with three kids. I like to garden, read, sing, cook and pretend strenuously that I am crafty like Martha Stewart. My tastes in almost everything are eclectic. My music playlists make people cringe, my DVR schedule makes them wince, and my singing makes them howl. Wait…that’s the dog.

I’m a closet semi-socialist, a languishing bisexual, a solitary Gaelic Druid. I’m a reformed slut, a mistrusting bitch, and one of those people who uses vinegar to clean and herbs to heal. I am a recovering crazy and still occasionally have my moments. (All the posts made around the last week of each month should keep that in mind.)

I love too much, would die for my children, and place my Owner above myself. I don’t get along real well with women, romantic movies make me gag, and I once fell asleep on a date watching the movie Titanic.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, ask in the comments section. I will not give out personal information, and anything out of line runs the risk of either being publicly mocked or mocked and deleted. Depends on how stupid and scornworthy it is.

1 thought on “The dirt on tora

  1. Languishing bisexual…. oooh, good phrase. I might have to steal that one… Funny how I used to love women but things change when the one who owns you has a penis, and uses it often.

    I like cooking too. Maybe I’ll share cooking stories with you. 🙂

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