The brains of the operation: N

N is, well, N. He’s the Boss-Man ’round dese ‘ere parts.  He’s tall and lanky, my age, with an ego and brains the size of Texas. He’s unassuming and affable, able to get along with just about anybody. At the same time, He’s sizing them up, testing their merits, and He’s pretty quick to judge ye worthy or not. Once the decision is made, it’s an uphill battle to have it reversed.

N is the kind of guy who can sit in a room, having a good conversation with a few different people, and slip in and around without drawing attention to Himself. Everyone will remember Him, but He isn’t that obnoxious arrogant asshole whose every move screams “Validate me and stroke my ego!” His confidence in Himself is immense (some would say it borders on hubris ahem) but it parlays itself into a very calm, friendly and calculating persona. Oh yeah, He’s a numbers guy. He’s turning things over in His mind to find the benefit/cost calculations, effort/worth of nearly everything. No bones about it, emotions are cool with Him, but logic reigns supreme in His head.

N’s passions are tractors, farming, self-employment, the Farmstead, family and me. He enjoys working on old cars and tractors, having a few drinks with friends, listening to music on a bangin’ good system and sleeping in (like all parents).

N likes to get His kink on. He’s a bit sadistic, particularly enjoys mindfucks, likes His sex rough-n-tumble and is as straight as the proverbial arrow. He makes paddles as a hobby, so if you are interested in a hand made piece of pain-causing art, let us know!

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