Extended Plug Wear

It seems there is a bit of conflicting info about extended butt-plug wearing. The “experts” can only guess, and often do so through the bias of  “It’s abnormal, so let’s just condemn it” and the practitioners tend to get shrill with the “Nobody’s ever died of long term plug wearing” as well.

So here’s my non-professional anecdotal evidence, as experienced by me.

I wear an Njoy Medium Stainless Steel plug. As evidenced below:

"Njoy" my ass! ...oh, wait...

I have been wearing it since I wrote this post March eleventh of this year. That’s over two months. I wear it from shortly after I get up in the morning until right before bed at night, roughly fourteen hours a day.

I haven’t died.

The daily maintenance that is required to wear the Njoy plug all day isn’t too tedious for me. I insert it in the morning after my morning toilet routine, with just a little spit placed on my orifice before I place it in. It doesn’t come out unless I need to have a movement. If I just need to urinate, I lightly hold it in place with my fingers while I let my PC muscles loosen, and when everything is finished I clean myself well and wash my hands well. If I do need to have a movement, I place it on toilet paper, wash it off well while my body does its thing, clean myself again, then reinsert it with a little more well placed spit.

I don’t re-lube unless it had to come out. I don’t seem to run out of lube during the day, so either my ass is a self-lubricating orifice (take that, medical experts!) or my spit has some magical synthetic 5W-30 properties.

I can hear a bunch of you working up the courage to ask me, so I’ll answer your unspoken question: Yes, I can pass gas with my plug in. I don’t try to, in fact I try not to toot at all unless alone in the bathroom, but hey, it happens to all humans from time to time, and no, I haven’t exploded yet. The medium is small enough to allow air to release around it when sufficient pressure builds up. I have heard that the Large Njoy Plug creates a bit more difficulty in this area, so the person I’d suggest you go read up is Kaya. She has discussed her challenges with the Njoy Large Plug on her blog.

I have not had chafing, constipation nor weakness of the bowels and/or anus since beginning my adventure with the Njoy. Well, I have had chafing of the mind, but that was only superficially connected to the Njoy.

After two months of consistent wear, I have not noticed my body adapting much of any way to the plug’s presence. It doesn’t hurt to insert it, but it isn’t a breeze, either. It doesn’t just pop out, my muscles are still reluctant to open for no bodily reason.

It does, however, “pave the way” for when N wants to use me anally. He likes to slowly pull it out, push it back in, work it a few times to stretch me a little, and then just go to town. It does work in that fashion, but only when He’s manipulating it. The neck of the plug is slender enough to allow for a tight muscle ring to remain.

It has been very effective at fucking with my mind. It is a lot harder to forget you are owned when you have to hold a chunk of stainless steel in place whilst you piss. I carry a little ziploc bag in my purse in case there is something wrong and I have to take my plug out while out and about. Bumpy car rides are a bit more exciting and having to ask to take it back out at the end of the day is certainly humbling.

Especially when He hesitates and remarks that one day He’s going to say no and I’ll have to learn to sleep with it in. 😦

So in summary, after nearly three months of all day wear:

  • I have not developed atrophy of the muscles at all
  • I have not developed an E.coli infection of my twat
  • I have not developed any infection anywhere related to the plug
  • Proper hygiene and awareness makes the likelihood of infection much lower
  • Incontinence has not been an issue
  • My awareness of my lot in life has deepened
  • I haven’t died
  • My head hasn’t fallen off
  • It’s kinda hawt

Any questions about the plug, extended wear, the psychology of it, what not? Drop a line in the comments or email me. I’ll do my best to answer.

p.s. Apparently my spellchecker is an O-type because it refuses to recognize the word “no” as valid. Hm.

Goddamned Bus Drivers and the “Innocent” Bystanders Who Shove You Under

Well this is just fucking great.

Got a call from N this morning, He says “I have a packaged coming for me from UPS. I bought you something. You can’t open it.”

I heard that dark gloating glee in His voice and my asscheeks clenched and my tits tightened up. That tone never bodes well for me. Looks like I have some self-preservation after all.

I placed the box on the counter and glared at it. I shook it – firmly packed. Medium weight…could it be a RingofSteel collar like I’d been begging for? Or maybe a pretty whip or delicious flogger, curled up in wait like a pleasurable viper? The box label didn’t tell me much, and I figured that I could back trace the address if I wanted… but N told me I couldn’t snoop. Otherwise I would have opened His email the minute He hung up.

He spent the day mocking me on FL.

Finally shoved the kids to bed, and He calls me to His desk. I dragged my feet as I went…there was something about how much amusement and laughter He had that really made me worry. I knelt and waited as He leisurely cut the tape, pulled apart the packing paper…and hid the invoice against Him. Bastard – er I mean Love You, Sir. I was so impatient, but I didn’t want anything to come out of the box…

and out pops this:


That's right, it's a goddamned Njoy sticker. Nothing good can come of one of these coming out of a mystery box.

If I could have, I would have quickly tossed the box into the garbage without going any further.

He pulled out the box, and I will admit, it is a pretty box. I kept wishing against hope that He bought the pleasure wand. Or maybe (ha!) the pfun plug for Him.

Nope. Out comes a beautiful medium pure plug. It’s heavy, it’s all smooth curves and polished metal. I would say it’s too pretty, too beautiful to shove up my ass, but I guess I don’t get a say.


One of the things that makes me say "Oh fuck me, please no".

He taunted me with it for a bit, then told me to get on my knees and flip my skirt up. “Now?!” I squeaked. I wheedled, trying to get out of it…no avail. Backed into the proverbial corner, I asked where the lube was.

“Spit is a lube.” He countered.

I scoffed. “Spit is never an acceptable lube.” His eyes hardened a little bit and I hastily amended “Please?”

“Fine. Make it quick.” He grunted.

So I did, and I knelt, Flipping my skirt over my back. Oh, was it cold. Heavy. Foreign. I kept telling myself to breath, to open up…and He popped it right in. I grunted, and felt my ass trying to understand why this blob of metal had suddenly taken up residence. He patted my ass cheek and laughed. “How’s it feel?” He cooed solicitously.

“Like a chunk of stainless steel in my ass.” I replied crossly. Really, what is a good answer to that? “Like rainbows and butterflies”? “An orgasm and bliss all rolled up”?

So here I sit. It takes some getting used to, but I’m not doing too bad. I can feel the ring of muscle randomly adjusting. It’s noticeable when I walk, but when I sit it actually doesn’t hurt or anything, which is a blessing.

Except that He is talking about extended wear. Fuck.

I guess I don’t mind it, except (there’s always an “except…” with me) that to me, it’s a constant feeling of invasion, of humiliation, of no personal boundaries. (Quit laughing at me) I don’t know if it gets easier to assimilate into your mind, but right now I haven’t’ really forgot or become used to there being metal plugging my ass.

I know it is the point, but goddamn.


I would like to also point out that this post made my spellchecker have a stroke.