Things I’ve Learned on FetLife

1) There are only two kinds of submissive people: brats and doormats. Which one is better depends on who you are asking. Brats are apparently sassy, smart, fun-loving, feisty and girly when you ask them, and when you ask the doormats, they are cunty, bitchy, mis-behaving attention seeking malcontents looking for their next beating from anyone. Doormats are patient, docile, adoring, devoted, peaceful souls if you ask them, and boring, wallflower, mindless soulless robots with no sense of humor if you ask the brat.

2) It is rude, wrong, and mean to belong to a clique, but it is completely acceptable to chase newcomers out of a group because they aren’t like you.

3) Defending yourself and your dynamic against slurs is a huge sign of insecurity. If you were secure in your happiness and relationship, people could take a giant shit on it on a daily basis and you wouldn’t even notice.

4) Honesty and transparency is good, except when it isn’t. And no, when it isn’t will not be discussed ahead of time.

5) Narcissism, navel-gazing, and insinuation are the three biggest fetishes on this site.

So rush out and sign up today!

9 thoughts on “Things I’ve Learned on FetLife

  1. Just when I was thinking I might sign back up again, you post this, and I am reminded in part of why i left. I don’t know whether to be glad or disgruntled. LOL!

  2. I signed up very early at Fetlife. Found it to be an endless source of frustration. Life is too short to waste any of it at Fetlife.


    • I had fun for a while, and then I moved on, I guess. I don’t spend a whole lot of time there anymore, and don’t leave the rez when I do. You are right, frustration abounds.

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