Why I’d Like to Maim My Individual Fitness Instructor

It isn’t for the reason you’d think.

I’m taking Individual Fitness as a 1 credit class at my university. The Course Catalog describes it as:

The individual-fitness class emphasizes developing personal lifetime lifestyle changes that promote health, fitness, and wellness.
Students will engage in various forms of workouts: walking, jogging,
dancing, aerobics, weight training, and other activities.
Pre-requisite: None. Fall, Spring

I expected a class in which we would assess our strengths and weaknesses, discuss nutrition, develop the best forms of workout plans for each individual and work out.

Instead, I have endured a class that has involved walking around a gym for 45 mins, a PACER test, and various workout DVDs. We have not discussed the results of our PACER assessment, what workouts fit our needs, what things to avoid. We have not discussed warm up or cool down, and we haven’t included either in any of our classes.

The instructor is the softball coach, and she has a few of her athletes in the class. I should mention that out of the 10 people in the class, only 2, myself and my friend, are not athletes at this school. She is rather blatant in her favoring of the athletes. They aren’t required to put effort into the class. Hell, I watched one guy show up in cowboy boots and jeans for the Power Yoga class. Another kid decided to watch us and eat his breakfast. She didn’t say anything to either one. She has no problems dismissing me and the other girl, who happen to be the only overweight people in the class. She’s abrupt, dismissive and rude to us, and only us.

This last class was the complete end for me. For whatever fucking reason, she decided that we were doing “Insanity”. I had no clue what Insanity was, but I later learned it’s high-impact aerobics similar to P90X. Not advised for the out-of-shape (like me and the other girl) and definitely not advised for those with back problems. (ME!!)

I got through the warm up, started the first two assessments, and felt my sciatic nerve light up like a fucking Christmas tree. I tried massaging and stretching it out, but no way. I was locked up tight. My foot was slightly numb. So I pushed past my indifferent instructor who was casually chatting with another student, limped into the locker room, and did the stretches I learned in my last round of PT. Eventually I conceded defeat to my hip and nerve and stretched out on the floor, hooking my bad leg up over the bench. I laid there for 25 mins, without anyone checking in on me.

Then my friend came into the locker room, and she looked like hell. She was gasping for air, profusely sweating, and said she felt like she was going to puke. I couldn’t figure out why she should still be so wound up, until she said the instructor didn’t offer a cool down. The Insanity DVD finished and she turned it off and left.

Eventually I managed to crawl off the floor and limped around for the rest of the day, with the random lightening bolt running from back to heel, the random buckling of the affected knee.

When I got home I looked up the Insanity workout. It is definitely NOT something I would have just jumped into, without someone there to help me correct my form, guide me through the first fitness test, and advise how to adjust some of the forms that trigger my sciatica.

So now, I am stuck reversing three weeks of progress I made on my own strength training and treadmilling. I can’t get up to speed, I can’t do leg strength training, and I can’t deal with incline or resistance. No way in hell I can do pilates or yoga right now.

Fucking hell.

I initially reported my concerns to the instructor I had last semester for CPR HCP. She’s taught Ind Fitness in the past, and I know she will listen to student concerns instead of circling the wagons to protect the department. I didn’t know that she had heard other concerns about the other instructor and was becoming concerned about how the classes were being taught. I was the feather for the camel’s back, and she personally escorted me to the Director’s office, and told the Director that she would personally sign the Administrative transfer slip to have me placed in her Water Aerobics class where I wouldn’t have to worry about my hip or shoulder and I would still get a good workout.

If I can’t swing the transfer into her Aerobics class, she is willing to arrange for me to be in Individual Lessons with her, as a one credit class, and she will help me do all the things the class is supposed to be doing, only one on one and mostly unsupervised once I am confident.

I’m going to try and work out the Aerobics option.

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