I’m Fat, I’m Property, and I Can Say I Still Deserve to be Loved

Recently, both piece and Biddable have written blog entries that trashed this concept we’ve seen spouted off by various “masters”: that slaves that are fat (overweight, fluffy, padded, curvy, big, solid) are not only disrespectful of their owners just by existing as such, but they are also dangerous to their children, to communities, they disrespect themselves, and they are horrible people to be around. Hell, I am surprised the various masters didn’t claim that fat slaves are ruining America, damn that apple pie.

At first, I was pissed. How dare some random stranger imply my Owner is lying when He says He loves me and supports me, and is not ashamed of my body. How dare someone tell me I am a danger to the community, that my extra weight is just as bad as tuberculosis. How dare some stranger dictate what the rest of us can find attractive, comfortable, acceptable?

Then the rage faded. What do I care? I’m fat. I got here a few different ways, some my fault, some not. It doesn’t really matter anymore, and I certainly don’t need to justify my efforts to some blowhard with his dick in his hand as he types his mighty words. My Owner, and my Owner alone, will tell me when my efforts are acceptable, and when I am lacking and need to step up.

But the implication that I am an unfit parent because of my weight, that was unacceptable, and down right disgusting. It was when I read that little blurb of this asshole’s rant that I knew he had to be a fairly vile dickhead of the lowest sort. My children are not fat. Hell, they’re underweight, just like their father, and just like I was until I graduated. They don’t get cookies and ice cream every night, they like their veggies and fruits, they don’t get soda and they rarely stop moving. They are Grade-A healthy children, with a good appreciation of health, nutrition and wise choices for food and drink. I am fully aware that my eating habits can rub off onto my kids, which is why they eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread and whole milk, unlike their string-bean father, who eats a 3200 calorie diet from mostly high-calorie snacks and pop.

So, sure, attack me because of my weight. Lords know I exist only to please some megalomaniac losing his mind because some slave has the temerity to love herself, and accept love from her Owner despite her weight. Tell me how I’m ruining society by not losing the weight fast enough. Call me a disease vector and whine that my obese figure doesn’t get your dick hard. Attack my Owner because of something that has very little to do with our dynamic. Whatever you gotta do to make the voices in your head shut up.

But don’t you EVER fucking dare suggest I am an unfit parent based on my nude photo. BMI has very little to do with reality or my parenting skills. Anyone who thinks otherwise can take a flying fuck off a short pier, wearing cement shoes to boot. (ha! to boot! I kill.)((I kill! Ha! I slay me! …)) Until you have spent time in this house, observing, interacting, discussing, you get zero say on my parenting.

It’s a sad man that attacks a woman for being fat via her children. It’s a character trait far worse than gluttony or sloth. It is also way more ugly than extra poundage.

In short, fuck you.




3 thoughts on “I’m Fat, I’m Property, and I Can Say I Still Deserve to be Loved

  1. You know right at this moment in time, after the profound sense of admiration for you, there is a profound sense of envy at the “string beans” diet of 3200 calories a day. Life is so very, very unfair at times 😦

  2. Perhaps they secretly question their own ability to parent (if they are even a parent at all) and are passing their inadequacies onto others?

    i’m chunky…i’m happy….and i don’t run around going ‘should i really eat and enjoy that or will it make me fat?’


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