Lesser of Two Evils

Last night was hurt tora’s tits night. What better way to ring in the new year by making her cry, right?

He started with a harness. Nothing makes a sadist happier than perky targets! It was tight enough to restrict some arm movement, but He wasn’t nice enough to fully bind me. Oh no. Let’s not be nice and make her stay still. No, lets leave her free range and force her to stand still for all the upcoming hurtage.

Next came the warm up. Warmup for the tits was grabbing, pinching, kneading, making sure the nipples were still firmly super-glued to my boobs. That didn’t last very long.

He moved on to the main course, which started out with the crop. Thwap. Thwap. Back and forth, side to side, laying a good hit or two on each nip. He mocked me, asking if I would have been better of with a blindfold, laughing at me as I fought to *not* block the targets with my hands. Thwap. Thwap.

And out came the rubber whip thingy. It’s like this rubber whip only with a hard plastic stick handle. All the websites I found that had one liked to talk about the tickling sensation, or the light tingling sensation, or a tantalizing sensation. What I want to know is who the fuck is using it like that?! All I have seen that thing do is burn and sting me like a hundred bees in one place (like horsehair without the added bonus of broken hair in the wound) or act like a mini-cane and make me want to gouge His eyes out.This went on for a bit, with lavish attention paid to my nipples. Notice a theme?

At the end of the stupid little whip, He pulled me close to Him. I was wary, which amused Him greatly. He grabbed the clover clamps, and I started hyperventilating. My nipples never recovered after nursing the last kidlet, and they are so freaking sensitive that teeth used earnestly can make me cry. So the clover clamps…oh no. I begged. I tried backing up, but He had locked His legs around my knees. So I stood there and squeezed my eyes shut tight, waited, waited. The first one closed on and I made this screamy growling sound. The second one grabbed on and I whined and panted, then started shaking and crying. I stood still and shook like a brain-damaged chihuahua, tears streaming silently down my face as I gritted my teeth until my jaw ached. He wiped a few tears off of my cheeks and took them off. I made my screamy lil growl as the blood rushed in again, and then found myself watching terrified as He sucked each nipple into His hungry mouth and lightly gnawed and sucked on them. Then the clover clamps, even as I brokenly pleaded for them to not happen. Finally He set them aside and lovingly picked up the feeder cable. I really wanted a hole to open up in the ground and swallow me whole.

The cable on the tits was easier for me to handle than on the ass, initially. It was thuddy easily swallowed down, a light punch quickly absorbed. The kicker was that He could cover the same skin quickly and happily, and each previous tenderizing made the next hit exponentially more painful. I kept gripping my hands into fists, trying to not block His hits and get even more than I could chew, until my fingernail prints were an angry red on my palms. He asked me near the end if I had had enough, and I didn’t quite know how to answer. Had I had enough? What was enough? Did He want to know if I was done? Well I hadn’t died or passed out, so didn’t that mean I could take more? Or did He want to know if I wanted Him to stop…wasn’t that a given? Was He going to stop if I said yes? Did He want to stop?

I just whispered “I don’t know”. I didn’t know. I didn’t know what the question meant, what I wanted, what I thought, who I was. Apparently “I don’t know” is a green light phrase, because He kept on with the hitting.

After a few parting shots with the cable that made me dance and suck in my breath, He went back to the crop. I whined and thought about running, but didn’t think I could make it out of the door before He was on me. I should have taken my chances, because the second time around He was more interested in the handle of the crop. Asshole. Those were the ending shots, but they were landed ontop of the already pissed off meat He had just terrorized with the cable. They were righteous shots that made me want to hurt Him again.

Aftercare consisted of me sucking His dick for a while. Then He untied me and made me stand and pose for pics, then clean up and go to bed curled against His chest.

Pics? Sure. 🙂

Front, right after the festivities

Good look at the right tit.

And the left tit, for equal measure.

8 thoughts on “Lesser of Two Evils

      • A good smear of cum over the tortured area will ensure the “sting” remains for longer, a good slave should be begging to show thanks to his/her M. By massaging the precious fluid over over the welts, it really helps remind you how thank full you should be the next morning when it has set and needs scrubbing off … 🙂
        Obviously having the dry cum washed off kneeing in the bath as M.
        Relives themselves over the affected area is also nice, and a good way again to remind one of ones place the next morning.

  1. Fucking hell, ouch!!!
    Having never had anyone go to work on my tits like that I can only imagine just how much the temptation must have been to beg for it to stop……but I’m missing ‘pain’ in a major way at the moment, so part of me(very small part) is rather jealous. Ofcourse the sane part of me says, thank fuck it wasn’t me 😉

  2. I’m confused
    Surly as property we should fall to our knees and thank our master’s ,or in my case mistress
    For taking the time and effort to show us they love us this much ?

    I don’t have tits (shame) but receive this kind of treatment to bum, nipps and balls etc on a weekly sometime daily basis .
    There is no concept of ” having had enough ” no opinion means nothing
    Every whack is followed by a genuine thank you mistrsss, even if it’s just in side my own head ( gagged )
    The answer to the question ” would you like some more ” is ” yes please mistress ”
    ( providing one is still breathing )

    Nothing is as good as the feeling of having submitted totally to M.
    And my tears at the end of a rough session are always a mixture of
    Relief to have been able to behave as expected and gratitude that she has taken the time to show me how much she loves me.

    I have never felt anything other than love and gratitude towards M. As the whip bites
    and to fall asleep in her arms with every part of me on fire
    from the girl cum and sweat that has been rubbed roughly over the welts
    Is the greatest feeling ever and one I would crawl across broken glass
    ( hmm that’s an idea ) to get to.

    Sorry if this sounds odd, but it genuinely sounds as if you resent N. for the way you are treated ?
    ” should have taken my chance to run ” sorry again but I just don’t get

    • Well, if I were graced with the toilet comment, I would respond with the entirely truthful “The toilet is not a sentient human being, so I doubt the comparison is apt.”

      I do not resent N for what He does to me, but if you read my post https://alwayshistora.wordpress.com/2011/02/11/im-not-a-reluctant-masochist/ you’ll find that I have a complicated relationship with pain and what N dishes out.

      N doesn’t hurt me because He loves me. He does it because it makes Him hard and happy.

      There are very few things in the world that all slaves should do, nightslave, and because of the individual prickly natures of most Masters, expectations vary wildly. N doesn’t expect me to worship His belt or cable. If I did He’d think I developed some kind of brain injury.

      If I were to answer the question “Have you had enough?” with anything other than the truth, N would be very pissed with me. Part of being careful with His toys is knowing the limitations of each, and the current abilities of each. He can’t make a fair assessment if I whitewash shit to save His feelings.

      It sounds like your mistress uses you very roughly and thoroughly. N chooses to use me in a different fashion most times, because His needs dictate such. Takes all kinds to make the world go ’round.

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