New toys


He bought a new toy for me. Stupidly, I pointed it out to Him and asked very sweetly for it. I now am seriously regretting my decision. He has always found ways to hurt me with things I thought I would love.

Vaginal stretching is a good example of this. I enjoy stretching to a point, and the orgasms I have when stretched tight are amazing and intense. So apparently the Sadistic Owner logic dictates that I should reach my limit as far as stretching goes, and then have a wonderfully exhausting orgasm…and then another, and another until my abs ache and my cunt quivers in fear. The more I beg to stop the more He feels I need.

Talk about perverting something dear to someone…

So, anyways, back to the picture. The new toy is a Wartenburg Wheel, and I have this suspicion, unfounded I am sure, that it won’t be used in the fashion I hoped.

I’d ask why He keeps bringing me to the store, but I think I know. I’m such a dedicated bus-thrower that in absence of other victims I throw myself.

2 thoughts on “New toys

  1. While I understand it must be rough if your owner feels the need to take every thing to extremes, it is a lot worse the other way around, I have found myself having to explain WHY I would like this or that done, my owner is not by nature a sadistic person
    And has found it hard to push me to a level that satisfys

    No spell check, sad

    • I get where you are coming from, nightslave. N likes a lot of things that I am not nearly as fond of, and some of the things I would love to explore at which N curls His lip.

      Sometimes, I just want to be brought to tears from something particularly grueling, and He doesn’t feel like it.

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