Awarded For Being A Lazy Tiger

So a few messages in my FetLife inbox announced that I have been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award.

I initially thought it was some kind of joke, but they weren’t kidding. Then I felt a strange blend of shame, happiness and intrigue. Some of the people kind enough to nominate me were new to me. I found new blogs to spend my free time with, new people to learn about and commiserate with, hawt new fodder to not masturbate to.

So here’s the award info, and I’ll follow with my list of people I like to read. 😀

Master’s piece, MT (Mistress Tiara) and Girl Deviante nominated this naughty slacking tiger.

Recipients are encouraged to acknowledge their nominator and link to their nominator’s blog, share seven things about themselves, and nominate fifteen of their favorite bloggers for the award . Since I am the kind of person not afraid to admit that I don’t follow directions, I only listed 14.

Seven Things About Me
  • I’m fond of British dry humor. I love watching Are You Being Served, Red Dwarf, Keeping Up Appearances and the initial Being Human. Also, I’m an insane Sherlock Holmes fan (not the movie!) and think Basil Rathbone would beat Jeremy Brett as a decent Sherlock by a long shot.
  • Speaking of Sherlock Holmes: I have had a conversation with my best friend discussing whether or not Sherlock Holmes would have utilized the services of a whore for sexual release. The conclusion was yes.
  • I’m terrified of spiders, and the larger they are the higher my panic goes. I’ve been driven to tears and retching by having a tarantula placed on the coffee table in front of me.
  • I have a best friend that has been with me since eighth grade, and we have shared some of the best and worst times of your lives. Love ya, Intriguing!
  • I’m prone to panic, but that’s just the first stage. After a few minutes of doom-n-gloom hand wringing, I cut that shit out and get down to making shit better. If placed into an emergency situation, I skip the anxiety and just go code red get-shit-done. Then promptly fall apart once I am relieved.
  • I am spatially stupid. I can read a story that involves a detailed description of a room and be unable to draw a diagram of the room afterwards. This makes learning physical activities from description nearly impossible. Because of my inability to fully understand things of this nature, I tend to worry and avoid doing things that have instructions like “scrape it with medium force” or “cut it a little longer in front and shorter in the back” because they are too vague.
  • My senior AP English instructor read my short story and handed it back to me with an A, while also suggesting that I was very disturbed and that I needed to consider seeking help. The story was about a woman who stabs and kills her abusive common-law husband after she miscarries and hallucinates the voice of her dead fetus.
14 People I like to keep track of…

3 thoughts on “Awarded For Being A Lazy Tiger

  1. This is that awkward moment where I have to delurk and say hi! Biddable pointed me to your blog and I’ve read it ever since but I am ashamed to say that I never delurked and said hi. And despite seeing this post over a week ago, life has been crazy enough that I never managed to get my butt in gear to actually post and say hi.

    So – hi! And thank you for nominating me, it was a fun shock to realize a blog on my read-list read me too.

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