Nothing Says Love Like Mouth Rape

He asked me if my ass was up for action. I explained the current situation and shrugged, so He declined the ass and went for the mouth.

“Bury your face and use your tongue to get me hard. You should be able to breathe around my dick.” He ordered.

I make slobbery noises and random giggles

“So not happening, there is no way I can breathe around that thing,” I laughed.

He looked down at His cock and said “I had hoped to not be this hard.”


And they say women won’t make up their minds?!

The rest of the activity involved me being used as a human Fleshlight, screaming in my mind that my throat is broken, demanding my stomach not revolt because it would hurt too much to have the vomit go over my abraded throat, and feeling my upper lip get plumper than Angelina Jolie’s.

At one point He said “Give me a few good long blows” so I blew my breath down His shaft really hard a few times. He asked me just how long I wanted to be stuck doing this. I just giggled, which might have explained the mouth abuse later on…bemused look

Eventually He just fucked my mouth in long savage strokes for a bit, then shoved my face all the way down and flexed quickly into my throat as I fought like fuck to pull back before I aspirated my puke. I finally won and slumped down, retching and gagging, making high whooping sounds and sniffling back the tears and snot. It was like the voice of God when He said “Finish me off now.”

I winced as He thrust the last few times into my mouth, His cum trying to dribble out of the new crack in my lip. I stared at the floor, blinking back tears and swallowing hard to calm my queasiness. He said I could go up and get a drink if I wanted, and oh did I.

And like the idiot I am, I took a nice big swig of cranberry-apple juice. I thought cum hurt on a roughed up gullet? It’s nothing compared to cranberry juice.

So here I lay in bed, my lips tingling, cracked and sore, my throat throbbing and rough, wondering if my voice will be back to normal tomorrow.

And loving being His slave.

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