It has been busy, and that is the only excuse I have for not writing.


I have had fun in the past two weeks, I have had anger in the past two weeks, I have had frustration and exhaustion and worry. I have ached for my friends, screamed at the sky, abandoned my normal sense of caution and opened myself to new experience in a fashion very unlike me.

There are people I haven’t emailed, people I have emailed too much, people I know I should call and paperwork that needs to be completed.

My garden is only half done and the weather will not cooperate.

I have realized that I have spent way too much time trying to be friends with people that have unknowingly ridiculed me, and I wonder why I bother. They are never going to se things my way, and I am never going to see it theirs…for this particular incident, there is no middle ground. I don’t have the energy to try and create it. I am not First Woman.

So I am looking forward and brushing everything in the past into the rubbish bin. Bitches be bitchin, playas be playin and it aint’ none my business. “Why you talking loud? What you talkin ’bout?”

So. Anyone with unfinished “business” with me, either bring it up again or forever hold your peace. I ain’t got time to keep putting out other people’s fires.

Peace. Be back again after I don’t need a handful of Zoloft downed with a half bottle of wine.

*If you look closely at your calendar, you will see that we are in the time of the month that indicates tora will not be in the most pleasant of moods. Therefore, she refrains from posting too often during this time. She is sure you appreciate the consideration she is bestowing upon you.*

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