Today we pick N up from the airport around 5 pm. This day is dragging. :/

It has been a week since I have seen Him, and while I have enjoyed nearly all of it (the exception of getting lost on the Boston subway comes to mind) I have acutely missed Him. Talking on the phone is not enough…I fall asleep lonely, wake up only to remember that He isn’t here to talk about my silly dreams, isn’t here to help me calm down when I’m feeling restless and anxious over how different everything is. The beautiful flowers on the table, the collar ’round my neck, the Njoy…while these things keep me mindful of Him, they are not Him.

Absence does make my heart grow fonder. I miss Him, and the only thing that will soothe the ache is running to Him on the concourse and burying my face in His chest, breathing the scent of my Owner and feeling complete for the first time in a week.

4:57 Eastern time: N’s flight has been delayed by nearly two hours. I’m anxious, as the weather is due to become unpleasant tonight. Near tears contemplating having to spend another night apart. This property is not meant to be away from her Owner so long.

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