Saturday’s Munch

It was a huge success.

Because of the current restaurant situation in Grand Forks, I moved the meeting over to Phoenix Wok and Grill. Over the phone the week before it seemed like this would be an excellent home for LAKE; they had a private area, no order minimum and no holding fee for the room. When they called for confirmation the day before, they mentioned that the private room had a pool table and ping pong table, so we wouldn’t fit in there with fifteen people attending. So they moved us right outside of it, assuring me it would be out of the way and fairly secluded.


But, like the hardy Northern Plains people we are, we adapted. šŸ˜€

Twenty-two people attended. It was amazing. So many new people, so many established members, lots of smiles and hugs, good food and good talk, laughter and bonds being built. Most of the members respected the dress code, no one was shouting inappropriate things, and the restaurant was happy to have us there.

Afterwards, a few of us gravitated to MsRose’s house for a bs session. We did a sensation play/demo for Dissy, who isn’t getting much in the way of a good beating seeins how she’s a month away from dropping Bubba RayRay. šŸ˜‰ They did some hot spa wax and a lotion rub-down. I enjoyed rubbing her down with the shower glove…what a wonderful idea, Ms Rose! A round of birthday spankings swept the apartment, because apparently North Dakotans love nothing more than screwing for the Fourth of July. Dpseachelle had a birthday, N had a birthday, I had a birthday, and Hoagie had a birthday. Somehow, I ended up taking N’s birthday spankings. šŸ˜ How that works, I dunno, I’m not an O-type and don’t possess that kind of logic.

Dpseachelle got nailed by Ray. Each couple had thirty-three spankings they could split between themselves, and I have to say I gave her a few good ones and then was nice to make up for the massive beating at the hand of Ray. Her ass was definitely purple.

Next was my turn, and I was definitely nervous to be baring my ass to Ray after what I saw chelle go through. And, AND, I wasn’t getting twenty-nine split between each couple. Oh no. I got 29 from each person in that room. And it fucking hurt! Especially Ray, and Hoagie.Ā  N did His usual Bastard routine and nailed the top of my ass over and over again, Ray favored the sweet soft spot between my asscheek and thigh, and Hoagie seemed to aim for previous welts. I buried my face in the ottoman, gripping Dissy’sĀ  hands tightly with each hit. She reminded me to breathe when a hit sent me outta my head. Chelle reciprocated to my earlier gentle approach and was kind to my ass. šŸ™‚ Ms Rose was kind and did my cool-down. Her fuzzy paddle was wonderful, and the tack-side was a very interesting counterpoint to the slapping I’d just taken.

I think after me it was Dissy, or was it Bliss? The time right afterwards was a bit blurry, I was a bit dizzy and woo-woo-yĀ  for a while. I remember holding Dissy’s hands while Ray went to town on her, and she, like me, blubbered and snotted, and I reminded her to breathe and let her break my fingers. Hey, what are friends for, right?

I am guessing that it was the first time Bliss had done something like this (it was mine too) so they were a bit easier on her. šŸ™‚ Her ass was a pretty pink when they got done with her.

We sat and bullshitted for a while still, then wandered out. N and I grabbed a quick snack at Denny’s before heading home.

My ass wasn’t very sore that night, but in the few days between then and now, it’s been a bit tender and I’ve been more protective of it. Which is, of course, just more encouragement to N to poke, prodded and molest me.

And just for all you pervs out of there who believe that a picture is worth a thousand words…I will add my picture as soon as my computer stops crashing during the uploading process. *nods*

My Ass For All to See.

5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Munch

  1. omg – I had a great time šŸ™‚ You did sooo well, and I’m so glad we all got to play šŸ™‚ I’m planning on blogging about the wax play as soon as I can get some privacy around here – but I need to update my blog any damn way before I can really write about the wax. Grrr.

    I can’t wait ’til next time, but unfortunately for me, it’ll be a few months šŸ˜¦

    • Aw, I think that sucks that you will be out of action for awhile, even if it is for such an awesome reason. šŸ™‚

      Thanks for the compliment…I felt like such a baby wiping the tears away and snotting like that. lol!

      I really felt bad about your butt…how bad did it end up?

      Go fix your blog!!

  2. Ahhh yes a wonderful night of spank the submissives/slaves. I had a few long lasting brusies left from this feat. Great times great friends must do it again.

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