Day or Three Off

Having been chastised by The Big Meanie for my bad behavior on FetLife, I’m staying the hell away from it for a few days. Have to follow my own advice: if you have to precede your words with “I’m going to regret saying this” you probably shouldn’t say it.

Now excuse me while I sniffle into my Dr Pepper and watch some stupid daytime television.

5 thoughts on “Day or Three Off

    • Actually I did, dk! 🙂 I got to see a marathon of NCIS, one of my favorite shows. I folded the laundry during it, of course, like a good lil PMS-ing bitchy slave should.

  1. I found my desire to get into fights with people stopped when I left the groups that made me want to hurt people in the face. I figured that was easier than growing some self-control

  2. Lol Biddable, I love common sense advice. 😀 Unfortunately, I can’t escape the aggravating factor by leaving just one group, so I got put in time-out. I better appreciate my 5 year old’s shrill anger regarding his timeouts.

  3. Sighs now one is going to have to sniff through all your stuff to find this source of entertainment. Could you just precede your contributions with the term “red flag”… it will be like an alert system and we can just hit follow. Thank your consideration 😀

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