Some Fun Tripe

I was recently subjected to this little gem of BDSM “wisdom” that accounts for nothing more than urban myth combined with flavorful tripe:

“you need to first be trained as a slave…to know what it means when she bends to your will, how it feels to be beaten, forced to please, and experience anything you may wish of her”

Well, something a lot like that…I I think that I got it word for word but my eyes started rolling so damned hard I had to tape them back into place.

Where the fuck do people come up with this shit? I mean, really, that statement doesn’t pass the test of common logic. You cannot be in a position of leadership unless you have followed. So, you can’t be a Doctor if you’ve never been a patient? The various accredited schools of medicine would probably disagree…in fact, I’m willing to bet that it isn’t on their scoring rubrics. Can’t be a horse/dog/tiger trainer if you have never been a horse/dog/tiger? Cannot be a conductor if you haven’t played each instrument in the orchestra?

Why don’t these asshats assert that you can’t be a slave without having been a Master? You can’t really submit without knowing the troubles that rest heavy upon the shoulders! Or to know the sheer pleasure of watching things come to fruition under your steady guide!

I thought that becoming a slave, or a Master/Mistress, was about choice and fulfillment, not some arbitrary grandstanding tradition that doesn’t actually achieve anything useful. What good will a person who aspires to be a master be as a slave, as he doesn’t want to be a slave, has no drive to serve as one, and is only there to “pass the level”?

I think it reeks of S/m more than M/s. There is no reason why N would have to “serve” someone to understand why I serve. Even if He had lost His mind and submitted to someone for a short bit, He still won’t fully know why, because His experience and my experience (and Susie’s, and Jack’s) will all be different.  He hasn’t a submissive/slave bone in His body, and yet He leads me pretty damned well. Being forced to serve as a slave in order to be able to “qualify” as a Master would make Him resentful and He’d probably tell everyone involved to go fuck themselves.

Oh yeah…does that mean that Switches are either the most sublimely transcended Masters/Mistresses out there, or are they stuck in limbo?

What scares me is that they spout this stuff off like it’s the god-damned truth. *nods*


Edited to Add: One other thing I don’t like about the concept is that it creates this false hierarchy, imposing a higher standing, a level above for Masters as opposed to slaves. Somehow a Master is a higher ranking being purely because of their drive to be a Master. The only given hierarchy I have is that I am lower than N. The rest of the lot falls where they may based on their being, personality, actions. Not because they were a slave, then leveled up to a Master.

2 thoughts on “Some Fun Tripe

  1. You know that’s true. You never hear it in reverse. You never hear how, to be a good slave, you must first have been a master. I wonder why.

    Tripe it may be, but awesome snark fodder! 🙂

    • I think they don’t say it in reverse because it isn’t as dramatic sounding. I mean, you don’t really have to *do* anything as a Master/Mistress, right? No romanticism. Don’t hit me, I didn’t mean it!

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