Me and That Damn Pole

So last night N decided to be a service top. No lie! He felt that my Njoy performance had been satisfactory and my behavior had been fairly good, so He let me pick what He would use for this month’s beating.

Only, He’s not very good at topping from someone else’s demands. 😀

He asked what I wanted. I said I hate stingy, I hate how you target the top of my ass, and maybe we could give a little attention to the tits. Do NOT bring out the Bastard paddle. Flogging is always welcomed.

Well I didn’t say it like that. I kinda dribbled the information out over the day, because I feel ashamed and greedy to be blurting out instructions, even if He asked me what I wanted.

Er, so...would You hit me? Hard? Cause, see, I'm twisted and get off on it...

Teh evening falls and we wandered downstairs after I showered, so that He may commence to beat me to our mutual happiness. He tied me to the floor post, at wrists and ankles, and through the ring of my collar. Blindfolded me, gagged me with my own leather belt.

Started out with His hands and the rubber flogger. I had decided that I was going to approach the pain in a different way this night. I wasn’t taking the pain for Him that night, so I was going to try to fall in the rhythm of it, embrace it, transform it into pleasure.

In the beginning I could do it. He started off firm and consistently, and asked if I was bored when I didn’t start off adversarial and vocal. The leather flogger kept me at a good heightened state, I was wet and moaning occasionally.

Something switched though. He hit me a few times across the sensitive top part of my ass with the stingy rubber flogger, caught me a few times off guard on the calves, nailed my nipples a few too many times. I started to growl. My fingers started clawing at the air, I started gnawing on the leather belt. He clawed me from the top of my shoulders to my ankles, bit my back and ass and shoulders.

I don’t remember much beyond that. It’s kinda like a red hazy blur. He says I was growling, screeching, yanking and trying to claw the post. I asked if I was a cat or a dog, and He said a cat…but not a cute lil housecat. I was making noises like tigers or mountain lions. Hissing, throaty growls, angry screeching howls…I asked if He had been scared, and He just laughed at me. I guess it actually just made Him want to hit me more, and harder.

Really want to go there? Damned good thing You had the foresight to tie me up...

I started coming back when He fingered me to orgasm. I was still pretty primal, and I just kept shoving my ass into the air, begging Him to mount. The sex was hard, fast and rough, clawing and biting and gripping, sweaty and fundamental in its purpose. I fully re-emerged as He untied me from my favorite post, come dripping down my legs, sore and fulfilled.

I don’t have any marks, but I have a lot of invisible bruises: places that are sore to the touch but unmarred. One that goes from my hairline to my eyebrow ridge right down the middle of my forehead, one at each wrist, one at each ankle from the restraints. It was good. 🙂

I find it hilarious that He fails at servicing topping. Even when He says its my choice He is gonna drive me crazy once I’m in the ropes. Thank the Gods. 😀

3 thoughts on “Me and That Damn Pole

  1. Histora, this is becca off fet, the O/p group. I feel I need to answer your question, but can’t on fet. I posted that during a fight and wasn’t in a good headspace. All my friends are masters friends as well, and I don’t have anyone to vent to. Im kinda worried about him reading what I posted as it is. We are in a very intensive 24/7 relationship, rich in protocol and micromanagement. There is not one second of the day, that im not reminded of this commitment and my place. And as good as it is most of the time, sometimes I feel I’ve lost myself. I can no longer do most of the things I used to. He dictates my interaction with friends and family, and no longer allowed to just be becca the friend, the daughter, im just becca the slave. I know this might come off like a.suck it up buttercup kinda thing, but unless you walk in my shoes, er shackles lol, you wouldn’t understand. I accepted the collar and I knew what I was getting into, but sometimes just too much.

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