Let’s Clear a Few Things Up

  • I was majorly crazy before, I’m still somewhat crazy now, and I am okay with that. I’ve made a lot of progress. And I am not afraid to say the word “crazy” in reference to myself.
  • I go a few days to a week without an orgasm and haven’t died from it. Hell, I still have a strong sex drive. This doesn’t make my Owner an Asshole who ignores His greatest treasure. This makes Him an Asshole who gets off on denying me something.
  • I had a very dysfunctional relationship with orgasms when I started to date N. I couldn’t reach them due to a mental block. After a while, I could have them, but they were painful. I now have them plentifully and do not find it an affront to my past that they are controlled.
  • My Owner will freely admit that He is an Ass. My pet name for Him is Asshole. We are okay with this and don’t care if you aren’t.
  • I am not the center of my Owner’s universe and not only understand that but accept it.
  • I am a bisexual slut who lives monogamously and my psyche hasn’t imploded yet.
  • I don’t envy my Owner’s job of owning me.

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