Please Omit Flowers

I had planned on writing a post tonight after the kids went to bed about social awkwardness or why I hate stupid people on FetLife or other weird things that cross my mind. Oh, like the conversation I had with the clerk at Lane Bryant today who insisted that I apply for their credit card, and when I said that my Husband would kill me she asked how He would find out…um, so, you suggest to women that they should lie to their husbands to get a crappy credit card? o.O

Anyways, I had planned on that, but the BossMan apparently has other ideas, and is frightening me with all the chuckling and snickering and assurances that while I might hate it while going through it, I’ll love the end result. I don’t know what “it” is, but “it” is scaring me.

Part of it involved me having a small ass dildo shoved in and wearing it after supper until later festivities. This was met from me with less warmth than the current weather outside. Ass play of nearly any form is something I hate to love. I dutifully submitted to Him and accepted this stupid piece of jellydong material…and then realized that I couldn’t stand up or take a deep breath with it in. It’s just too long for that use. When explaining this to Him, I mentioned Kaya’s Njoy and why that was better suited for long term active use…

…and then He said we will be ordering one.

I hate you, Kaya. You and your goddamned bus. *sigh*
While I am sure that I am going to be dead in a few hours (or at least wishing to be) I will post on what “it” turned out to be. That is, if He doesn’t chop off my fingers or decapitate me in some way.

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