Another Red Flag

Here’s another one for His collection: He’s getting me liquored up before He does mean things to me. That’s gotta be worth at least 10 Asshole points.

I didn’t see any Roofies, so I think I’m okay still…

4 thoughts on “Another Red Flag

  1. LMAO. That really is cheating. I know, it’s been done to me…though I’m not sure What exactly was done…I didn’t think to check for the Roofies. Dammit.

  2. I can attest that I was not roofied. I was way too present for everything; He said He wanted a “willing and able victim”. I’m pretty sure that at one point I was neither willing nor able but that didn’t seem to dissuade Him.

    @Biddable: I concur with you now. Only He gets 20 Asshole points for not knocking me out.

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