Because Y’all Are a Nosy Bunch

I’m still here. I had gone through great pains to get the kids shipped off to their grandparents this weekend so that N and I could have a little “grown-up” time that we could spend getting all hot and bothered. Painting. Yes, you read that right. I shipped all the kids off so we could have alone time to paint. We hoped to paint the whole first level, five rooms and two hallways. Of course, plans with this set of grandparents always end up changing somehow, and we went from being childless for two night down to being childless for just over twenty-four hours.  Needless to say, the painting became wildly over-ambitious and we settled for just doing the bedrooms and living areas. Of course, we made sure to eke out some time for us to get nasty. And by us, I mean N did. I was totally unaware of any plans to be law-breakers of the most delicious sort until He assured me that I would wholly hate it in the process but love the end result. (I think He reads this blog. Do you? 🙂 ) First we laid down the ceiling coat, then went out to use our gift card from Christmas for supper. Wandered over to the adult books store (really, do they even sell books anymore?!) and was sorely disappointed in their selection. Ever since they were bought out by Romantix the variety and quality has plummeted.

When we got home I wasn’t feeling so hot.  I gave it the good old college try and helped Him paint a little more, but I really started feeling like shit so we went to bed, me feeling very sorry that I had ruined His wonderfully planned (if a bit mysterious) night. The next morning I was worse, and while I did my best to help Him finish the painting before He picked up the kids, I spent most of the day shuffling between the couch, the painting and the bathroom. Today is the first day I have felt any interest in anything not involving sleep, Tylenol and more sleep. In fact, the sleep still sounds good.

I never did get to find out what He had planned for that night. He assures me that He does not hold it against me that I was unable to perform that night. In fact, He has said with a wide grin, we will just have to push it back until the next weekend.

I’m not sure I want to be better for some reason…the grin was too wide and the eagerness too gleeful.


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