In the beginning…

…there was blog. And it was good, and He smiled and said “Damn straight it’s good.”

Well if you haven’t figured it out by now, this is the inaugural post for alwaysHistora. I’m tora, the owned slave of N. We have three preschool age or below kids, two cats, a dumb-as-a-rock dog, all on 10 acres of prime lonesome rural real estate.

This blog will be a place for me to describe the challenges and joys of being an owned slave living the country life with a house full of rugrats. I’ll write about the awesome shit we do, the sucktastic things I face at times, the struggles of parenting three trying children and everything in between.

There will be sexual themes, lots and lots of bad language, some over-the-top snarkitude and occasionally, unbridled anger and raw exuberance. If any of that might offend you, my ever-so-gentle-reader, feel free to click the x in the top right corner. Don’t let the door hit ya! However, if those things excite and entice you, you sound like my kind of person, so get comfy as I introduce you to slavery in the middle of Nowhere, USA!

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