Awrite, I’m sorry! (12/07/2010)

I’m sorry, sorry, sorry. I neglected my duties as a blogger and spent the whole past month fucking off for the sheer fun of it.

Or not, I distinctly remember many times in the past month I would not consider sheer fun by any means.

Anyways, I’m here. Really!

N and I made our first munch appearance. We enjoyed the group that has formed in our little (and I mean little) community. It’s a mix of D/s, M/s, new and old, those more into the S/M and those who are more into the mind-control/service. It’s a nice blend of people that I could eventually feel comfortable in.

Again with the not having quite enough of a niche, though. At least for me, the perpetual loner. Because of our strange version of O/p (service orientated, obedience required, kink as an afterthought, control as a medium value) we often don’t quite mesh with many of the other folks identifying as M/s online. In person it isn’t so bad, I think, because they can just accept us as we are. Online, though, they either think He isn’t proficient enough with [insert instrument of pain here] to be worth anything, or they mistakenly believe that because He doesn’t have 200 protocols and rules that He isn’t in control or cares to be. So it becomes a bit of a game between us to watch the others try and pin us down.

“Well, she walks behind Him, so she must be the s type…”
“Yeah, but she orders her own meal!”
“Iknorite? But she asks if she may use the bathroom when in public…”
“But without any titles or honorifics! That’s not any D/M/s I’ve seen…”
“They don’t do kink religiously, punishments or the 400 slave positions as defined by LordHighTopAss. Really, who doesn’t do those?!”

That is why I am hoping that a person-to-person setting will lead to being more comfortable in my own skin while discussing how things are as He wills it.

Oh. And with His help, I dyed my hair red. 🙂

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